IT Knowledgebase

This area of the web site is for a knowledgebase.  Snippets and overviews of information about a product, service or application that you may wish to know more about – and we can help.

There is free software available for most all of these.  “Industry standard” software training is predominant but alternate software is available if you want to get going or practice.
See our Software page for more information.

  • Office products:
    This is not aimed specifically at Microsoft Office as they are not the only producers of Office Products.
    • Word processing
      • producing essays, reports, letters, etc.
    • Spreadsheets
      • accounts, data-layouts, project plans, charts, etc.
    • Slideshows / Presentations
      • presentation skills, predominantly using software, etc.
    • Databases:
      • They are not as scary or complicated as they first sound.
        MySQL and PostgreSQL are free,  popular and easiest to use.  MS Access is classed as a database though could be viewed as a user interface to spreadsheets.
    • MindMaps:
      • A learning and planning tool often under-rated. Ideal for diagramming ideas and workflows, etc.
    • Project management tools:
      • ideas and software for tools you can use to plan and track projects whether commercial, educational or simply planning your time.  “Plan your work and work your plan
  • Programming languages:
    Computing programming languages are the same as any other language and once you know (or can look up) the syntax then you can write in any language.
  • Scripting, APIs, command-line:
    Operating systems, in general, have what is called a command-line.  This is where you can enter instructions on how to obtain, manipulate, process, copy, move, transfer information and data rather than use large packages or large applications.
  • Digital Humanities:
    This is simply getting your ideas down in blog, wiki or social media.
    Note: Always be very careful what you write then commit to the internet … “once it’s out there, it’s there for good”. This is particularly dangerous when writing things tipsy, or under any other influences, and can leave you vulnerable to attack from hackers, phishing or personal data fraud.

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